• 1 Respect all members and be nice

    Treat others with kindness and respect, so don't be rude and mean to others. We don't like intimidation or rudeness.

  • 2 No spamming or advertising

    All advertisements to other discord servers, or other services without permission are forbidden. Any attempt to advertise will be immediately sanctioned by a ban or a kick from this server. This includes DM advertising, which is also against the discord terms of service.

  • 3 No inappropriate nicknames

    These kinds of usernames are not allowed: avatars, zalgo, blank names, unusual unicode, political views, attention seeking names, overly lengthy usernames, slurs, or any other offensive material.

  • 4 Follow the discord terms of service and community guidelines

  • 5 No inappropriate content

    Keep the server ''Safe For Work'' No NSFW content is permitted in the server.

  • 6 Never ping a discord employee

    It is forbidden to ping an employee for any reason. They are busy and work hard to make discord a pleasant and serene place for all users.

  • FAQ

  • Who made all these cute emojis?

    All of us have created them, our Wumpus' Artisan, Luna and I have created them all.

  • How can I be partner or affiliate with this server?

    You can contact our staff if you wish to become one of our partners or affiliates.
    Here are our requirements if you want to become a partner:

    - Your server must respect the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
    - If you leave this server, we will remove you from our partners.
    - If you want to leave our partner program, ask us!
    - We do not ping `@everyone` when we publish your server.

  • How can I apply to be staff?

    When we need new staffs, we post a Google Document (to fill in) in #announcement, you must be active and fill this Document seriously with developed answers.

  • What is the difference between Partner and Affiliate?

    Our affiliate program is based on specific requirements, you must have a large and active community with a channel where few invitations are posted and which makes the server visible to all your members.

  • How can I get a color role?

    To get a role, read #commands

  • How can I get a level role?

    It's very simple, just be active on the server and depending on your activity, the bot will automatically assign you a role.

  • Where can I find our other communities?

    Check the #affiliates channel.